• Behrouz Rahbarifar
  • Mohammadreza Golzar
  • Anoushiravan Rohani
  • Behrouz Rahbarifar

    Koohenoor Restaurant Guest

    born July 17, 1971 inTehran. is a retired Iranian football player. He holds the record of most championships in the Iranian Football League as a player in the history of Persepolis.

    Rahbarifar Joined Persepolis in 1993 under Ali Parvin, playing 9 seasons with them. at the beginning of 2003- 04 season, became chairman of the club and he decided to make reformations and players such as Rahbarifar who had good relations with Ali Parvin, were not included in his schemes. So Rahbarifar left the club and joined. Rahbarifar scored his only goal for Pas against Persepolis from a penalty kick.

    Mohammadreza Golzar

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    He was born on 21 March 1977 in Tehran Iran. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Azad University

    Before starting his acting career with Sam and Narges, he gained fame as the guitarist of the Iranian music band, Arian band. In 2000, he was invited to act in Sam and Narges by Iranian director, Iraj Ghaderi. He started to gain popularity after acting in more films such as Shaam-e Akhar, Zahr-e Asal, and Boutique.

    Golzar gained media attention when it was revealed that he was paid £55,000 for 3 days work whilst shooting Democracy in Bright Daylight in 2009, a relatively high fee given the  per capita income of Iran.

    He was captain of volleyball team of the artists from 2004 to 2008 who work for a charity tournament was held in 2005 but due to differences with the head coach and careers in cinema, he withdrew from team in 2008.

    In addition to his acting career, he has modeled for companies such as Shyravran, Aykat and Tee-Top(one of the most famous tea cakes in Iran).

    Anoushiravan Rohani

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    an Iranian composer and pianist who was born in Rasht, Iran in 1939, Anoushiravan received music lessons from his father Reza Rohani, himself a poet and violinist. Anoushiravan later graduated from the Persian National Music Conservatory in Tehran.

    His passion for the keyboard and piano was so great that in 1963, he imported the very first electronic organ to Iran. Aside from the organ, he is also heard playing the accordion in many of his early works.

    Anoushiravan Rohani has written and performed with a plethora of famous Iranian & International singers such as Gabriela Fontana, Klause Meine, Emel Sayin, Hayedeh, Pouran & ect... His productive career includes over 500 compositions that includes numerous vocals, orchestral music, piano pieces and film scores, among them “Maybe I Maybe You”, "Soltan-e-Ghalbhaa", "Dele Kuchuloo," and "Gol- e-Sang." His most famous piece, "Tavalodat Mobarak,". The Iranian version of the "Happy Birthday" song is undoubtedly the most often-played Iranian song.

    What is unique about Anoushiravan's accomplishment is his immense success outside of Iran, where he is much admired among international music circles. Indeed, Anoushiravan defines much of his work in the genre of light classical, and a bridge between the Eastern and Western musical traditions. Many of his songs have been performed in different languages in several countries. Indeed, at the end of one of his private concert in June 1978, Edward Heath, the former British prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party, who has served as a guest conductor of The Symphonic Orchestra of Great Britain, in an appreciation letter to Anoushiravan wrote: "I was most impressed with brilliant technique you displayed. The quality and variety of sound you produced from the instrument was most remarkable." Among the many international honors that Anoushiravan has received, he was awarded the first prize in Spain's Music Festival for his song Mi Destino (Spanish version of Soltan-e-Ghalbhaa). More recently he has been working with Hanover Opera and Ballet Orchestra in Germany. Today, after nearly a half a century Anoushiravan remains energetic and vibrant as ever and is universally recognized as one of Iran's finest composer, pianist, and electronic organists.

  • Ehsan Khajeh Amiri
  • Babak Jahanbakhsh
  • Maziyar Fallahi
  • Ehsan Khajeh Amiri

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    He was born on October 29, 1984, in Tehran Iran.he is an Iranian pop music singer. He is the son of famous Persian traditional music singer Iraj. He is also the singer of Iran football national team's official song for the 2014 FIFA Word Cup.


    • Baraye Akharin Bar ("For the Last Time")
    • Miveye Mamnoue ("The Forbidden Fruit")
    • Pouleh Kasif ("Dirty Money")
    • Majnoun-e-Leili (the song of Majnoun-e-Leili movie)
    • Abre Mosafer ("Passenger Cloud")
    • Aghebate Eshgh ("The Sequel of Love")
    • Ashegham Man ("I'm in Love")
    • Azade Azadam ("I'm Free")
    • Emshab Shabe Mahtabe ("Moon is Shining Tonight")
    • Mesle Hichkas ("Like No one")
    • Be Dadam Beres ("Help Me")
    • Shabe Sorme
    • Taghdir
    • Gozashteha
    • Taavaan

    Babak Jahanbakhsh

    Sorinet Maryam Hotel Guest

    He was borin in March 21,1983 in German, Bochum.he is an iranian pop music singer.

    Maziyar Fallahi

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    He is an Iranian pop music singer.

  • Siyavash Mofidi
  • Shahram Shokohi
  • Morteza Heidari
  • Siyavash Mofidi

    Sorinet Maryam Hotel Guest

    he is an iranian acter.

    Shahram Shokohi

    Sorinet Maryam Hotel Guest

    he is an iranian pop music singer.

    Morteza Heidari

    Sorinet Maryam Hotel Guest

    Host, broadcaster and interviewer Iranian.

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