Introducing Sorinet Hotels Group International Company

Sorinet hotels group is one of the companies affiliated to Sorinet Development Holding of Qeshm which has started its business in Qeshm free zone since June 08, 2011.

Quality promotion in hotel industry according to the global standards and using latest world's equipment is the main goal of Sorinet hotels group.

Subset Hotels & Restaurant of Sorinet Hotels Group

Sadaf Sorinet Hotel: this 10-year-old hotel and the Kooh-e Noor restaurant which has been located in the outside area of the hotel, was purchased in 2012. Its reconstruction will start with the aim of standardizing the facilities and equipment of the hotel according to world's latest standards

Maryam Sorinet Hotel: was joined to Sorinet hotels group on Feb. 2012 and its reconstruction and modernization project was started within two months after its transference since April 2012. Maryam Sorinet hotel has been put into operation on Oct. 24, 2013 which is coincides with Ghadir-e Khom eve.

It is worthy to mention that Maryam Sorinet hotel II building plan with 8floors, identical with the present Maryam Sorinet Hotel's façade and in its very adjacent, was commenced simultaneous with "Maryam Sorinet Hotel" reconstruction from the beginning of the year 2013. The new building will serve the guests together with the old one after the construction ends.

Top Rose Sorinet Beach Hotel: this hotel which is located near Kish-beach resorts was purchased by Sorinet hotels group in 2012 with the aim of modernization. Construction of this villa hotel dates back to 50s. The new hotel construction project is under execution in current location.

Sorinet International Hotel of Qeshm: is the first hotel of the companies' hotels group which was purchased in 2011. Currently, this hotel, after several decades' activity, is under fundamental reconstruction and modernization nearly for two years. In the next few months of its operation, this hotel is expected to be the only five star hotel of Qeshm and the best one in the whole country.